Monday, December 13, 2010

DIFF 7 – Day 1 Roundup

12th December 2010 (Day #1)

The seventh edition of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) started today, with a Red Carpet gala screening of The King’s Speech. Concurrently starts my daily coverage of the festival. In addition to the 10 Films You Must See At Dubai Film Festival ’10, look out for my annual day-by-day update of DIFF to tell you about movies to watch, those to steer clear of and some to simply take your chance with.

The King’s Speech
Tom Hooper | UK | 2010
118 min

In The King’s Speech, Colin Firth plays King George VI with a speech impediment in this historical yet personal drama about one man’s struggle with his weakness. From being the King’s son, then brother to the next king, and eventually reluctant king himself, the movie explores King George VI’s relationship and eventual friendship with his speech therapist that lead him to conquer his disability. In one of the most refined performances of the year, Firth plays the stammering monarch with such finesse that it is not too far-fetched to wager on his winning the coveted Oscar for his leading role. Lending him able support are Helena Bonham Carter as his wife and, in an excellent performance, Geoffrey Rush as the King’s speech therapist. Without letting the grandeur of royalty and impending war crowd the screen, the story stays mostly with these three characters, with occasional foray into their families and other historical figures of the time (Timothy Spall as Winston Churchill is priceless!). The King’s Speech is a must watch, not the least for its powerful central performance.

The King’s Speech is a fantastic opening film to a festival that promises to enthrall. With enough enthusiasm to last me the week, I have drawn up my schedule for the next six days. Look forward to reading about movies of various languages and genres from across the world. And if you get the opportunity, try to watch some of them too!

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