Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dream Vision

Dream Vision
Shariq A Madani

"What a baybee, man. She's gorgeous!"

The object of his desires was not a woman, but the all-new F-type Jaguar convertible sports car. The mist of his hot breath blurred his view of the car from outside the showroom glass walls.

"Okay, Benz boy, lets do it." he said to himself, smiling and not taking his eyes off the machine. He loved his nickname.

Benedict Hammett was a car enthusiast. Heck, he was a walking, talking car encyclopedia. Its not that he was crazy about cars. He was just obsessed with them. Give him an opening and he would go on blabbering about them with the speed of a Diablo.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wake Up Sid (2009)

Wake Up Sid, the latest movie from Karan Johar‘s camp by yet another debutant director, has been strongly marketed as a movie for the present day youth, the slacker generation that refuses to grow up. Unfortunately, the director comes from the same culture as his target audience, and lacks the maturity and wisdom that this movie requires in its telling. This failure turns a fantastic opportunity into a dismal melodrama heavily layered in saccharine, making it a movie that is more a generation's dream than a wakeup call.