Monday, November 3, 2008

Roadside Romeo (2008)

I ended up watching this yesterday while a few of us had 2hrs to kill before dinner. Seems, it is the only excuse you can really have to watch this movie. It really is not worth the effort to take time out, drive to the cinemas and dedicate a part of your evening for Roadside Romeo - it will be too much of a disappointment.

The bad:
  • Animation might be a big step for audiences used to only Bollywood movies, but it's not really much for international audiences, even when compared to a decade older Pixar.
  • Too many songs!! What in the world was the director after, we have no idea. Possibly nothing else to fill in the gaping holes of the narrative.
  • The painfully overused and redone masala story that now every Indian is born with the knowledge of.
  • Bad (or mediocre) voice work by most of the cast incl. Saif & Kareena.

The good:
  • Javed Jaffery. Actually, he can do a lot better than he has done here, but it still is very good. The guy is hillarious as the Madrasi-accented top-dog "Charlie Anna", accompanied by three bitches he calls Yangels - "Charlie's Yangels" - and he names them.... Silk Sunitha, Nylon Nandai & Polyester Padmini!!
  • Sanjay Mishra as Chhainu, Charlie Anna's sidekick. This is a gifted comedian, and possibly the strongest character in the movie. Even in his relatively smaller role, he does such a great job with his Tapori-ishtyle quips.
  • Kiku Sharda as Hero English. Again, a small character, but with such great humor in him. He has a tendency to repeat everything he says in a literal word-by-word English translation. For example, he announces "Charlie Anna aa gaya!! Charlie Anna come go!!" or the hillarious "Wo tumko Jaan se maar dega! He will hit you with life!"
Apart from this, there is one good idea of the dog-world in the movie, that explains why dogs love to howl so much in the middle of the night (it's a game they play!)

All-in-all, an easy one to forego. But equally easy to sit through its 93 minutes while you wait.

My rating --> 1.5 of 5

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