Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Lovely Bones (2002)

Susie Salmon (like the fish) gets raped and killed as a child by a neighbor at the beginning of the book. Ascended to her own version of Heaven, she watches and talks to us about her family, her killer and her friends - their thoughts and actions, how they come to terms with this "brutal" event in their life, and how some people never really let go and find different ways to accommodate their daughter/sister/friend's murder in their lives.

I classify this as a "womanly" book - the kind you find ladies reading while sun-bathing. There's not much fascination in it for the young male audience because it just deals with a little girls emotions and attachment (and disconnection) - things we don't really identify with much. That said, I might not belong to the right demograph for this book and hence didn't enjoy it much. I was not bored either, there are some really interesting characters and some quite well written passages, but I skipped quite a few lines on every page. This is the sort of story we would admire as a well-made movie, but might not read the book that inspired it - and I say thins not because of the upcoming adaptation but because of how much it reminded me of the movie Little Children. The same disconnected husband, wife (albeit here of the same family), looking for relapse/release elsewhere, the absolutely typical (down to the T) loner child molester/killer, the quite suburb with rustling leaves - this one even has the Mommy of the mommy do a decent "full make-up" stint.

On the whole, give it a try if you are sunbathing in a ladies' swim-suit or like to read while you travel. If you are like me, just wait for the movie.

Rating --> 2.5 of 5

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