Thursday, December 28, 2006

Saw III (2006)

The reason I liked the first two movies was that humans were treated like lab rats by this inventive yet murderous madman who devised interesting ways to kill his victims. Yet, there was always that little chance of survival, and we rooted for the victims wondering if they will, or wil not? They can, or cannot?

Unfortunately III, although quite gory, is not as inventive or thrilling as the second or even first one. And to make things worse, the futility of even attempting a "game" by the victims is quite clear right from the start, hence we are left with torturous scenes from demented minds and no hope for the victims. One who does survive requires only a bit of crying on his part. III is also a little tired, and a little more humanising of "Jigsaw" - two things we can very well do without. While it tries to do the same parallel storyline format from II of Jigsaw in one and the victims in the other, the cuts from one to the other are very abrupt throughout, making it not only erratic, but also a but annoying. Also, unlike the first two, III is about Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda rather than about the person/people trapped in their brutal mazes.

Stuff of this kind should be dealt with in "Extras" on a DVD, in a seperately released animated short, or even in a graphic novel. Don't really waste your time with this movie except for the sake of continuity if you intend to keep watching the series (I do!). Being our generation's Freddy Kruger, Jigsaw does have a fan following, and like the former's series, will have a few erratic movies too. Let's hope the next can salvage a bit and bring us back to the menacing psychopath he really is.

My rating --> 2 of 5

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