Saturday, August 19, 2006

DC Universe: The stories of Alan Moore

Got my hands on this book a few days ago. A collection of 13 short-stories that Alan Moore wrote for DC's Superheroes. Here's a quick run-down:

For the Man Who Has Everything
Christmas - What should Batman & Wonderwoman gift Superman, The Man Who Has Everything?
Decent short that just sets the opening for the wonderful writing that Moore is capable of. nothing exceptional here, but a good read nevertheless.

Night Olympics (2 Parts)
Green Arrow - Has he finally met his match?
Lovely writing style. You have to love Moore for the novel ideas he comes up with to tell his stories. Such a simple story, so wonderfully told.

Mogo Doesn't Socialize - Green Lantern
Mogo is a Green Lantern Corp. But where is he? Who, or what, is he?
I had never read any of the Green Lantern stories before. But this, and the other three included in this book make for such quick and fascinating read, I wish this standard was a norm rather than a pinnacle with their kind.

Father's Day (2 Parts)
Vigilante story.
Again, Moore's writing at its flowing best that puts him on a pedestal. "Father"'s thougts/words reminded me so much of V for Vendetta.

Brief Lives
Stand-alone Omega Men Story.
In so few pages, Moore shows us the essence of time & relativity.

A Man's World
Stand-alone Omega Men Story.
That one cell is what makes the whole difference in this "cute" story. Chilling.

The Jungle Line
Superman & Swamp Thing
Decent. Nothing great in this one.

Tygers - Tales of the Green Lantern Corps
A short of another Green Lantern Corp.
The drawing in this is so densely done, it was distracting - annoying even. Decent writing.

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (2 Parts)
Superman - apparently oneo f his best stories.
I have heard good things about this, so have kept it for last. Will post thoughts on it later.

Origin story of The Phantom Stranger
Wow! Moore gives his own origin for this hero, told in his trademark parallel style. Phantom Stranger is an outcast - but from what/where?

In Blackest Night
Green Lantern story.
Word-play in this story is awesome. Moore's vocabulary and hold on the language is simple and yet brilliant.

Mortal Clay
Batman & Clay-face
This also reminded me of V for Vendetta, specifically V's love-relationship with Lady Justice.

The Killing Joke
Wow!! Simply phenomenal!! Brian Nolland's art matches Dave Gibbon's work with Moore in Watchmen. The Joker, Batman, the detail - the F*CKING detail, is obsessively good. Easily the best story in the book, and Moore's writing at its best. If nothing else, the whole book is worth it just for this crazy-ass work.

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