Sunday, May 8, 2005

Rog (2005)

Father-Daughter Bhatt have embarked on a mission to ensure Film-Noir is a set genre for Bollywood audience. Jism, Murder and a few other movies of theirs are adaptations of Hollywood movies from years ago. Rog is one of the better movies they have produced, and most of it's credit goes to a brilliant performance by Irfan Khan. I am not exaggerating when I say he is the worthy successor to Naseeruddin Shah in the ease with which he slips into any role he portrays.

This movie follows the murder investigation of a beautiful model, Maya Solomon, by 'super-cop' Inspector Uday Rathore (Khan) who suffers from mild-insomnia. While conducting the investigation and piecing together the past of the model, the cop starts falling in love with the image of the dead woman; all the while trying to find her killer.

With a cast of a few extras (including a loud 'accented' confused-desi), none of the other performances are worth note. Yet, the movie itself is well made (a proper script, whoa!) with a beautiful score (M.M Kreem) and a brilliant lead performance. The twists (save one) are a little predictable, but the presentation is a revelation for a low-budget Indian movie. Kudos to the director Himanshu Brahmbhatt for a job well done (he is Mahesh Bhatt's AD from the Gumrah & Sadak).

If nothing, the movie is worth for the Irfan Khan alone. I have set myself up to watch any movie this man stars in. Oh, and the music is awesome.

My Rating ---> 2.5 of 5

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