Sunday, May 8, 2005

Maqbool (2003)

Give Vishal Bharadwaj a solid pat on the back, and sit back waiting for his next movie. This man seethes brilliance in his film-making. His dialogues, his script, his music, and his direction - all are top-notch, and as I said, this movie proves that Makdi was no fluke.

Rog (2005)

Father-Daughter Bhatt have embarked on a mission to ensure Film-Noir is a set genre for Bollywood audience. Jism, Murder and a few other movies of theirs are adaptations of Hollywood movies from years ago. Rog is one of the better movies they have produced, and most of it's credit goes to a brilliant performance by Irfan Khan. I am not exaggerating when I say he is the worthy successor to Naseeruddin Shah in the ease with which he slips into any role he portrays.

Charas (2004)

In my review of Rog, I had mentioned that I have pledged myself to try and watch every movie Irfan Khan acts in. Charas falls within that line of study, and I am again kept far away from disappointment. 

Karam (2005)

Sanjay F Gupta graduates from a Music Video Director to Movie Director with this movie, and it shows. While watching the movie, you realize what the director intended to show, but could not put it up on the screen exactly as he visualized it. His movie works well in short-spans, and then mellows to mediocre fare, until it lifts again. And not very surprisingly, the best portions of the movie are the build up to the songs, which seamlessly blend into the movie's narrative.